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Cineworld autism screenings

Posted on: July 27, 2013

I saw this link on twitter this morning and i had to share the information , i think its a brilliant thing !
on the 1st sunday of every month some ( check your local one ) cineworlds show autism screenings.

“Autism Friendly screenings at Cineworld differ from regular screenings. Some of the key differences are:
Lighting will be kept on during the screening.
Volume levels will be reduced.
There will be no advertisements or trailers.
Seating will not be allocated.
Customers will be allowed to bring in their own food.
Screenings will be at 11am on the first Sunday of every month.
For further information please ask in your local cinema.”

Hats off to cineworld for autism awareness !


2 Responses to "Cineworld autism screenings"

I think that is great. I saw that on Paul Williams blog recently. http://paulwilliamharrisonblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/autism-friendly-cinema/

Im hoping to try it out very soon so I can review it. 😄Xx

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