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Getting the right support

Posted on: July 30, 2013

Getting the right support …

We’ve got to the end of term , well actually O is still in school till Wednesday but I think it’s safe to say we are ending on a victory.
That’s not what I expected to be writing.
But I think the next 3 days will be ok and I’m starting to believe year 4 is going to be much better for O.
Something had clicked into place with the school.
They are on my side. It took a while to really get here but they are in team O.
We had a big meeting today.
Myself , the head, O’s TA , O’s PRU teacher , the EP ( the nice one I met first ) , the borough inclusion manager and O’s new class teacher. ( he’s new to the school so he didnt know O atall)
Before the meeting O met his teacher after an initial struggle to get O into the room with him ( he was apparently very frightened ) they chatted for quite some time . O liked him.
The inclusion manager had also been speaking to O this week and after reading all of his notes and speaking to him she has concluded that their is more than enough evidence to say O has aspergers. Even without his diagnosis from the ever useless CAMHS. Everyone was in agreement , so he will now be supported as a child with aspergers.
The ASD advisory unit have been drafted on board. They will be helping the school to learn how to help O
The inclusion manager had with O drawn up a list of O’s needs and triggers. Such as he needs to wear something on his head ( we’ve compromised on a black cap I’ve bought him , no more hot woolly hat)
Noise and crowds scare him
He needs a strict timetable ( visual)
He needs to be told as far as possible in advance of any changes
He needs to sit in a particular place on a particular chair in class at PRU and for lunch.
It’s a long list.
We all have a copy of this list.
Photos will be taken of all key staff and if he’s going to meet someone new in school he will see a photo first. And read about them.
They are going to use the “amazing five point scale” and when he indicates that he needs a break he will have ten minute sensory breaks outside with a ball. ( he calms down when he can bounce a ball around)
The teacher is going to introduce visual prompts to the classroom as O tends to misread Instruction . And the staff are going to help him to build a circle of friends.
He is going to spend the last 3 days with his TA preparing for year 4.
Making a ” passport to year 4 ” with everything he needs to know in it. Including photos.
Everyone has agreed that decision making must be done together by all of us at that were at the meeting. And we will have regular review meetings.

What can I say except wow

Change is coming.


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