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Hoodies … Not just for thugs

Posted on: July 30, 2013

Hoodies …. Not just for thugs

My son (8) has a purple zip up hooded top
He doesn’t wear it on the house
But he wears it Everywhere else
with the hood up
and the zip zipped all the way.
Rain, shine, or boiling temperatures
he’s in his hoody
This doesn’t worry me
And school have been letting him wear it.
But a couple of things do worry me,
we walked past a man on a warm day , O was clearly too hot.
sweating like a pig in a butchers
in fact.
but he was happy , comfortable
The man spoke up as we walked past ” get that blooming hoodie off and get in the sun”
followed by ” you should know better mum take his hoodie off , its too hot ” O may well have been too hot , he had had plenty to drink though . but he also felt safe. safe in his hoody and to him thats more important than being a bit cooler.
I also worry that as he grows older
he will be labelled as a ‘thug’ or a ‘ chav’ lazy , impolite , etc because he
may still need his hoodie then.
its time that people realised not only thugs wear hoodies.
in fact a hoodie can have a huge positive effect on a child/ person with ASD. it can help keep some of the senses out , too much noise , touch etc , therefore comforting and often avoiding a meltdown. also
wearing a particular item of clothing ie is often repetitive obsessive behaviour so please when you see a child or adult in a hoodie don’t expect the worse , don’t judge and if you see a child zip and hood up on a hot day please don’t embarrass the child , or their adult by suggesting they are incapable of judging the weather / temperature

think before you speak.


3 Responses to "Hoodies … Not just for thugs"

i always wore my hoodie when i was younger. i wear it less these days but when things become to much i still put it on (or my cap). Good post.

Thank you.
I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

If only more people understood the need to wear a hooded top or a cap for some people !

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