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Raising money for the national autistic society

Posted on: July 30, 2013

Hello , I’m afraid I’m coming to you with a begging bowl today , not for myself but for the national autistic society. Next week my friend Sue is in London with her boys , we went to school together about a hundred years ago so we will be getting together while she’s here all the way from Yorkshire
Sue also has a son with autism so we thought that while we have the chance to do something together we would try and raise a little money or a lot for the national autistic society.
Because they do great work for a very worthy cause.
We’ve decided to do a sponsored walk ( mostly because its easy to organise )
But because I have psoriatic arthritis I can’t be walking 20 miles or any such great distances , so we have decided on 5 miles , in our pyjamas.
It’s not mountain climbing but it’s something , and the more people that do something – the more big things can happen.
We will tweet our walk that’s exciting live action right there and afterwards blog about it , hopefully with lots of photos , although I really don’t do photos so maybe photos of sue.
It’s been tough finding anyone to sponsor us to be honest , I know we are all skint but it is a very good cause.
If you could be kind enough to sponsor us , even just a little , everything helps , we would be so utterly grateful and astonished at your kindness
Here is our virgin money giving link , I will love you forever ( or something) if you help us to help the national autistic society. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/8TOZERS


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