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Being aware ….

Posted on: July 31, 2013

Around 700,000 people in the UK may have autism, or more than 1 in 100 in the population.

That’s ALOT of people.
And for each person with autism there is a family also affected !

ALOT of people.

Yet there is nowhere near enough understanding or acceptance of Autism.

More understanding and acceptance would make life so much easier for so many.

I saw this picture on twitter.
It’s heartbreaking , it’s also true.


People with Autism deserve the same rights and opportunities as everybody else.

The education system is hugely lacking in understanding and acceptance.

The national autistic society does great work for autism they can be found here … http://www.autism.org.uk but I hadn’t heard of them until quite recently.

Autism is of course a very very broad subject but with so many people affected by it there really does need to be more understanding.

I’ll be honest until quite recently I had never encountered autism , my ” understanding ” of it came from what I had ” learned ” from watching the movie rain man

Since autism became part of my life I have realised that I really knew nothing about it.
I certainly didn’t have any understanding of it.
And I’ve learned that most of the people around me also don’t have any real understanding of it .

I asked on twitter if people could tweet me ( without googling first ) what they understood about autism.
Not so I could belittle them for their lack of knowledge but just to see generally how much people do know about it.

I had ALOT of responses.
Most of those responses where ” not enough “

very little

” I think it’s a learning disability ”
it’s not ! I think that only approximately half of all people with autism have a learning disability

I think most people think of rainman when they think of autism

Someone who had cared for 2 children with autism / aspergers said they actually had very little understanding.

I noticed that it was mostly parents or relatives of people with autism that really knew anything about it.

It’s not the fault of these people that they don’t know much about it …. The fact is there really isn’t much information out there.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV commercial about autism.
I can’t think of any posters I’ve seen around for autism awareness ,
Even when the subject of my child possibly having autism came up I wasn’t directed to any information on the subject by any of the many professionals I saw.
My sons school had almost no knowledge or understanding atall. I’m sure my son isn’t the first autistic child to attend the school.

where is the information ?

I’ve had 7 children , I can’t remember ever being given any kind of information about what to look for as signs of autism when any of them was young. Not even a leaflet.

where is the information ?

Autism is actually a very interesting subject to learn about.

And the fact is that the information isn’t really out there. Unless you look for it.

As I mentioned before the national autistic society is a great resource for information and support.

There are lots of great books on the subject , so far I’ve read raising Martians and freaks geeks and aspergers !
Next I want to read the reason I jump

People who are passionate about Autism really need to help to get the information or information resources out there.
By talking about Autism , writing about it , blogging , tweeting .
Raising money for autism charities.

Talk about the good books , the useful websites , the great blogs.

And if you haven’t encountered autism yet why not have a little read up on the subject.
One day the knowledge you gain could help you to make a difference in somebody’s life.

people with autism don’t want a cure , they just want to be accepted and understood

also while I’m on the subject , it’s not just autism. Mental health illnesses affect so many people , in so many ways and yet mental health continues to have so little understanding.
Understanding and acceptance in society makes a huge difference. We all need to be better informed.
I , for example had never ( as far as I was aware )known anybody with an eating disorder , but through twitter I have become friends with a number of people affected by eating disorders , I became interested , I wanted to know more , to be able to better understand so I started reading about the subject

I just feel very passionately that as a society we really need to be more aware and more accepting.


1 Response to "Being aware …."

That picture made me feel sad. It is too depressing to think that is the reality that we have to live with right now. I hope our society gets better soon in a way that autistic people can get opportunities like others.

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