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Our week that was. ….

Posted on: October 4, 2013

So we started the new thing at school this week. Where I stay with O and he only goes for a short time.
This week it was one hour , I’m hoping next week that will be increased. I think/ hope that’s the plan.
I’ve blogged about Monday already.
It went well. I had a chance to see how wiggly and squirmy O is. It isn’t easy to keep him in his seat. And I saw for myself how different he was in a quiet room compared to when a noisy group worked in the room.

Tuesday was a bit frustrating. We only had ten minutes to do work , the other 50 minutes was when O went to his place to be session ( play therapy) so I had to sit and wait for 50 minutes.
He was calm the whole time and that made the second day he was at school when nothing bad happened.

Wednesday was O’s day at the PRU.
He was picked up at 12:45 and brought home at 3:30 !
It’s always a struggle to get O in the car.
He always says he doesn’t want to go.
But actually he had a good day.
He wasn’t in the actual classroom the whole time , but he got his work done.

We took O’s new ear defenders to school. School were not that happy about the ear defenders. They feel it will be like the hoody all over again. But in my opinion O has special needs and if ear defenders are one of those needs then so be it.
We got O’s work done. When a group came to work in the room O wore his ear defenders and was able to stay calm and concentrate on his work.
We had another good day.
In the morning before school he had laughed and joked with a friend in his class and also with his teacher.

Today was a PRU day again.
O put up a bit of a fight again , but I suspect this has almost become a part of his routine,
When O was dropped off his TA said he had had a much better day. In the classroom a bit more.

So all in all a good week.
O has seen that he can have a good time at school. Which I think is important. I think he was seeing school as a completely negative thing.

And the ear defenders seem to be a good idea.

Next week Monday is inset day. So I really hope they give us longer times to be in school for.

An hour a time is not really enough education.

Also I had a letter yesterday saying that O’s statutory assessment is being carried out.

It’s tiring having O home ALL the time especially as he doesn’t want to go out anywhere.
I’m a bit bored. And frustrated. If I’m honest.
But I will do what it takes to make things easier for O.


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