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How schools are performing for children with autism : link

Posted on: October 23, 2013



3 Responses to "How schools are performing for children with autism : link"

A lot of teachers are still in the dark and are taught a hodge-podge of ideas about autism, so it’s little wonder they struggle. There’s a geniuine inability to empathise with autistic thinking – there’s still the misconception that autistics lack creativity; because it’s what they’re told. I’ve been to some of those teacher sessions where they’ve talked about this. It’s frustrating.

Completely agree , not just teachers though everyone involved with the child very few of them are worth anything

Thankyou for commenting

Not a great report then.
Your tweets make sense to me now – thinking about homeschooling etc. I cannot believe the best advice a professional offered you was to use a star chart. Terrible that there is no support network and you are forced to live in hope for an outcome.

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