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Books …

Books , fiction or non fiction that are useful …
When faced with something new or something i don’t understand my first reaction is to read the hell out of it.
be it fiction or non fiction I Find that you can gain a huge understanding of sonethibg by reading as much as you can about it.
The first book i read in my quest to read all I can about autism was
the curious incident of the dog in the night time ( fiction) Mark haddon
I loved this book and found it gave a very useful insight into autism. I have just finished reading
the boy who fell to earth ( fiction) Kathy lette ,
I really enjoyed this book. its very funny and moving and gives a great insight into what its like to be the parent if an autistic child.

I wrote a tweet asking people to recommend books that are useful for learning about autism , twitter was as ever great and I was inundated with titles of books.

I’ve had a look at the reviews on amazon and all the books i was told about have very good reviews.
I’m going to write a list of these books here and as i read them i will write a bit about them.
I hope this list will be useful to anyone looking for books to read on the subject , if you think i should add a book to the list please let me know by emailing me at gretheplus7@yahoo.co.uk also if you would like to write a review about any if these books

The reason i jump by Naoki Higashida ( released july 2013)

the autistic spectrum: a guide for parents and proffesionals by lorna Wing

A real boy by Christopher Stevens

Freaks Geeks and Aspergers syndrome by Luke Jackson

autism for dummies by Stephen Shore

Its raining cats and dogs by Michael Barton

Strange Son by Portia Iversen

nobody nowhere by Donna Williams

George and Sam by Charlotte Moore

Martian in the playground by Claire sainsbury

Be different by John Elder Robison

Raising Martians by John Muggleton

Thinking in pictures by Temple Grandin

I hope this list is useful and provides some useful and informative reading.


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