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I’ve just read freaks geeks and Aspergers and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Its written by luke Jackson who actually has Aspergers syndrome , and was just 13 at the time of writing.
There are lots of books about Autism and Aspergers but I found it really useful to read about it through the eyes of someone who actually has it.
The book is very well written , its informative as well as insightful, in the book Luke speaks to not just others with ASD but parents and professionals too. he talks about the importance of having a diagnosis and also how important it is to explain to your child that they have autism.
He talks about bullying , dating ,homework , sleep , fixations and so much more.
I really enjoyed this book and feel like I learnt from it.
I would recommend it to parents , teachers , professionals , and also to children with Autism or Aspergers.
In fact anybody who would like to learn more about it.


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